Has any one had the Gamma Knife procedure done

My daughter is schedualed to have her procedure done in acouple of weeks.We found out the small residual that was let is to close to the brain stem so surgery is out of the question we are hoping it didnt grow also doctors said it could have we wont now till day of surgery. She has come so far with her therpy I hate to see her relapse I’m concerned about side affects.

hi Pattie,how are you,I had gamma almost two years ago, and for the most part I had some headaches after,and very tired for the most part,but other then the location of the pins when putting a halo on,that hurt for a bit after treatment,not much of anything else,the gamma for me didnt start to work till almost year two,they said the older you are it talks longer,well thats what i heard,kids it works quicker,alot of us on here had gamma,to me its a blessing to have my avm go away this way,anytime you want to ask questions or need support im here oK:) all of us are,the only thing with the gamma,the halo did hurt going on,not coming off,

I’m getting GK 7-22-09, I told the doctors that everyone speaks of the pain associate with the pins. She said they would work with me. I assume that they would give me more medicine if needed while the pins or screws, what ever they are, go in.