Hard work is such hard work

I’m still going to the gym, and at the moment I am doing a lot of work on my legs both with machines and floor work, I have seen a little improvement, actually, so I guess is the pain is worth it, the hardest thing though is the day after, in the morning I can hardly move! Rosie has also given me exercises to do at home to help improve things as well, so I can start doing those while I am not at the gym, so hopefully things are improving.
The other thing is that I’ve also changed my medication, to help control spasms in my right leg and clonus in the my left foot(not good as I drive using my left foot), I have been on Baclofen 20mg 4 times a day, and I am now going onto Gabapentin up to 200mg 3 times a day. I’ve given myself at least 6 months on the new drug, if that doesn’t help, I’ll have to get myself re-assessed for hand controls.