Hard lump at site of excised AVM

Hi Shell, I guess you have the question, Is this normal ?, Best answer is, please get anything your conserned about checked by your doctor :) , Sorry if its the boring answer, But we are not supposed to give medical type advice to members here. I would say that in my experience (limited !) that after any surgery there will be scar tissue and that can be hard. So try not to worry too much and if you are worried just go get it checked :) . Thanks and take care.


I also have a hard lump at the site. And it does worry me as well.
Luckily I have follow-up meetings with my doctor, where he can check those out.
In the first follow-up meeting he said it to be thickened skin. By now it has changed a bit but already in September I'm going to see my doctor again so he can check it out.

As Martin already said, contact your doctor. I think if I were you, I would send an e-mail to my doctor with an attached photo of the lump and then would let the doctor decide how to handle it.

Hi Shell!

As Martin said, better ask the doctor...

I am not sure how long ago you had the excision. I had mine excised 4 weeks ago. I had a few hard lumps. I asked the doctors, and there were a few different reasons. The one on my right side was from the pins that they used to hold my scalp during the operation (sorry for being graphic here), the one on my left side was from where I was lying during the operation (pressure point) and the one at the site of excision was just from brain swelling. I still have the one at the excision site but the other 2 have subsided now.

hope this helps (but better check with the docs, as yours might be completely different!)

I have many lumps on my head after surgery 4 years later and they change all the time, which I was told was normal during the regrowing of the scalp etc...once again if your concerned please visit your doctor ASAP...God bless!

I did consult an MD and he is not concerned, said feels/looks like scar tissue build up. He suggested massaging it to help break it up. Thanks everyone for your comments and concern.