Happy New Year Survivors!

This new year's celebration was especially meaningful when I think that I came very close to not making it to 2011. I am so thankful for my second chance at life. I'm getting better every day, and my hair is finally growing out to a reasonable length. I'm not working yet, did get disability (yay!), but all-in-all I am lucky to be alive. The inconveniences are minor (memory loss, balance, emotions), and the benefits of having more time outweigh the inconveniences 1000 times over! My 50th birthday is a month away, and my husband already shared my gift with me...a trip to Europe next September!!! Soon I'll be able to check that off my bucket list. My mission now is to get my stamina and balance to the point where I can enjoy the art galleries, Vatican and beautiful sights without a cane.

Thanks again to all of you that have been so helpful through my recovery. Thanks to those who have supported me by buying my book (Unstoppable Life), and thanks to God for letting me live when the doctors didn't think I would. WOO HOO!!!! 2011 is here!! I'm gonna enjoy every day!!! :-)

Kat: Congratulation on the book; Unstoppable Life and for your recovery!
Well done!! Where in Europe are you planning to visit (apart from the Vatican)?
Wish you a Happy New "hairy" year without the cane :)
Positive thoughts from Hanne xxx

Happy New Year to you Kat! How wonderful that your husband has given you a trip to Europe as a birthday present. That has to be excited. I'm sure that you cannot wait until September!

Look back at the first year of my recovery, I wish that I had an attitude such as yours. I do admit that I thought that the memory loss, balance, emotions, and intellectual limitations were burdensome. Around two years later, I finally a little more patient with myself and the inconveniences.

Enjoy every day, and all the best of luck to you with your book and your seminars!

Hugs, Leslye

You guys are all so sweet!

Yes, I'm very excited about going to Europe. I've wanted to go for the longest time. I was supposed to be a high school foreign exchange student in Germany back in 1978 (yes, I'm that old) and my father got very sick just before I was supposed to go, so I couldn't go. This trip I'll be going on a10-day cruise (that will be easier to handle) and stopping in Spain, Italy, Monaco and France. Next trip I want to climb the mountains and sing at the top of my lungs where they filmed the Sound of Music.

I wish for all of you to fulfill your dreams like I'm doing. Write that bucket list and start checking off the items! It's a great feeling.