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Happy New Year! I'm so grateful for this group


Hi, I just wanted to wish a happy new year to everyone in the Spinal AVM group. I think I’ve read every post here numerous times. I’m so grateful to have found this forum and friends and the advice and stories of other spinal AVM’ers from around the world. Even though we may have loved ones and medical care, no one else really knows and understands what we’re going through. Sometimes when I read a post, I think, “Yes yes yes That’s exactly what I’m going through!” That’s a wonderful feeling.

So happy new year to all, from sunny and windy San Francisco, and best wishes for strength and healing for all of us, in 2019.

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Hi Gumlan, I am Franz from Melbourne in Australia. Happy New Year to you and your family too. You can see my history of my spinal AVM in my profile and subsequent discussions. Some other spinal AVM members have similar stories as what I experienced as well, but some are luckier and get a better recovery. My laminectomy at T10 was performed on 29 Oct 2015 but till now still have my ups and down with my walking balance and spasm at my legs. How about you Gumlan?


Happy New Year to all. I am grateful for this group also. I am currently doing physical therapy and am doing well. I we improve 1% each week that is great. Keep your spirits up and work hard in the new year.