Happy New Year 2020!

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy new year 2020! May your year be filled with joy, positivity and good health!

The battle continues for some as we face another year but just move forward and leave the past where it belongs, keeping in mind we are here today thanks to the past… We will continue to help each other here… God bless!


YES GOD Bless!

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Happy New Year!

For anyone who needs this, just try to heal and become a little bit better than yesterday and there’s progress. Don’t be hard on yourself and remember, eat healthy, living food - fuel your body the right stuff to get your own cells more energy and healing! :avocado: :green_salad: :tea:

Bless you all and here’s to health, love and happiness! :star: :clinking_glasses:


Thanks Mia… Its good to see another Aussie part of the family… God bless!

Thanks Marie7… God bless!

Actually, I was just for a visit in Australia for a working holiday visa (haven’t updated my page) and had a GREAT time enjoying some 4wd camping around the west coast, now I’m back in Sweden.
SO sad to see all the news of the fires… Bless you!

That’s a shame! Thank you the fires are quite bad & in the city we wake up to thick smoke most days but recently we’ve had some cooler weather with light rain, which is great… God bless!

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God Bless! m