Happy, happy! I am all smiles. :o)

This past thursday i heard the best news from my neurosurgeon. I felt like the weight has been lifted off from my shoulders and was such a relieve. And i will never forget his smile and his words only to tell me, that they didn’t find any more traces of AVM in my brain and on the spot they did the surgery. We all finally knew that it was all removed after months of waiting and the many tests i took. And i am so thankful for my neurosurgeon & his team at the University of Alberta. They did one great job again for the 26th time. Kudos to him & his team! :o)

Congratulations, Simone…Isn’t it great for them to tell you that you are now AVM Free!

A BIG Congratulations to you, Simone!!! :slight_smile:
I can imagine how much RELIEF you feel…
Be well,

Super Hurrah! I love posts like this one!


Oh, Simone, I am so happy for YOU :)))!!! I too am so relieved to hear of your GREAT news!!!

God Bless!

Congrats Simone, One thing I want to see every one on this site say one day… :slight_smile:

Congrats to you on being avm free!!

You see!!! Those are great news congratulations my friend!!.


Yea Simone!!! That’s probably the best thing a doctor can say and it must have been music to your ears. Congrats again!!!

Congratulations Simone! xoxo

Congratulations Simone, what absolutely fantastic news!!! I am Sooooo happy for you!! xxxx