Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I hope everyone celebrating had a wonderful day with their families. Today was a beautiful day. My family went to church. I actually got all three of my kids and my husband to go with me! Afterwards we went to Sweet Tomatoes with my parents and then we went to my grandma's for Easter Linner (lunch/dinner). Tomorrow is everyone knows is my embolization and Tuesday resection. I started to think about how I will be alone once they need to administer the anesthesia and got scared. I started realizing that I have to be alone for this and that tomorrow is going to be the first day of a major life changing event. I know that I have to go through this. It's not a matter of "if" this thing will bleed but a matter of "when". This AVM is a raw deal and it sucks that we all had to get them. Knowing and praying that I make it through the next week with flying colors.

Best wishes for your embolization and resection, Francesca!

Hi Francesca,

Happy Easter to you too (smiles). Good luck! It's normal to be nervous before any surgery. All kind of thoughts run through our mind. That's normal too.

I think you already know - You are never alone (wink). I can assure you - Once you get the anesthesia, you aren't going to care about anything... nothing at all. That's the nice thing about being put under.. :)

I pray the Angels guide your surgeons hands and you have a full and a healthy recovery... Amen