Happy but not happy

Well here we are again. I had my meeting with my neurosurgeon today to get my MRI results as it turns out after 3 embolizations it is too risky to remove my AVM/Aneurysm. He will have an MRI done in 1 year to see if there is any change. It is in the eloquent part of my brain and the last embolization affected my speech. Glad my neurosurgeon didn’t jump in and do the surgery because he didn’t know what the outcome would be but now I still have to live with this thing in my head.

How was your avm found and how many doctors have u met with?!?

I love @DonnaK s description of her vertigo today:

I think the only way to look at these things sometimes is exactly like that! So long as the room mate keeps quiet and doesn’t make their presence felt, maybe its ok… I know Donna’s is being noisy and disruptive. I hope yours you can just forget they are there.

Lots of love,


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I have met with two doctors and I know they are doing the right thing for me it’s just hard sometimes.

Just please be careful :slight_smile: