Happy Anniversary To Me

Today is my 27th wedding anniversary. Marrying my husband is my best life accomplishment. Oh, we’ve had our highs and lows and certainly the challenges of having AVMs (I’ve had 2) have complicated our marriage. However, Eric has been my greatest supporter and I thank God for him every day. One time, my primary neurologist’s assistant, Kim, told me that she thought of me every day. She said that I told her I daily thank God for my husband so she started doing that too for her second husband (she remarried 2.5 years ago at age 46.) Well, I didn’t remember telling Kim about my gratitude but I thought yay for me and have expressed thanks ever since. Plus, I’ve added a prayer that I never forget what this wonderful man did for me during my hospitalization. I spent 5 weeks in one hospital’s I.C.U. and then 4 weeks in rehab and my husband used FMLA and came every day morning until night. I have no or distorted memory of that 9 week period. Last summer, a third friend told me about my husband’s dedication and my brain finally comprehended his actions. Melissa told me that the hospital told Eric to just accept that I was going to die but he refused. So Melissa would come to visit me and find Eric massaging my muscles disregarding my coma state. Well, thank God for Eric as I need those muscles for my various workouts. To all the married members whether you are joyous of 50+ years of marriage or just a week, I wish you all the best.

Happy anniversary, Susan & many more to come!!! <3

Hi Patti, thanks for popping into this site, reading my blog and then posting a comment. I wish Rick and you all the best.

Happy anniversary, Susan!

Thanks, dancermom, and I think I read recently that you celebrated 22 years of marriage ... awesome!

Happy Anniversary Susan!

Happy Anniversary, Susan! You certainly are blessed to have Eric in your life.

Thank you for the wish, Tim and my best to your family and you.
Thank you, Louisa, and I agree I am very blessed!

I am SUCH a fan of this dynamic duo! Happy Anniversary to Susan and Eric!

Thanks for the perfect comment, Ann. You made me smile!

Happy Anniversary Susan. Hubby and I celebrate our 25th in October. He sounds very much like your husband. He would drive 50 minutes, each way, every day, at least 2 times to be with me in the hospital over the 3 months I was there. This after getting our kids off to school. We are truly lucky to have men like ours! Many more happy years to you!

Thanks, Trish, and as Louisa wrote, we are both blessed. Wow, 25 years is the big silver one. At our 25th I told my husband that we could just delay the celebration until I was more recovered. He said absolutely not so we did celebrate with dinner and a movie which was a big deal since he didn't like going to movie theaters ... just renting movies ... lol. Yes, I'm hoping for many more years and for you too!

Happy anniversary to the both of you, sorry I am late reading your pist, but I must say it is very inspiring as my husband and I were married 5 months when my rupture happened and this is my second marriage I remarried at the age of 40 and they say life begins at 40 well when that happened to me I thought no life dont begin at 40 I thought my life was over. It is kike you said about your husband being devoted so was mine when he wasnt at work he was at the hospital with me morning till night I had to tell him to go home as we kived wuth his aiking father so not only did my husband have to kook over me but he had to look over his father too. I have to say I have the best and greatest husband ever, since then my fstger in law has passed away and we miss him dearly but we did the best we could for him and for myself, we were all blessed.

Hi PAL, I am grateful to read your comment and I thought of your marriage situation recently when I read your posting. Yay for you writing that you have the "greatest husband ever." Truly, I am happy when others are happy so thanks for sharing your happiness. I find your posting here is an inspiration! Oh, I'm saddened for the life losses you have experienced but I know it's the cycle of life and I'm certain that your father-in-law was pleased with his son's family situation. Thank you, PAL!

Happiest of Anniversaries to you Susan. What a fantastic gift of love and selflessness you have been given in a spouse. You are truly blessed. I suppose it's not hard to have a heart of gratitude when you have been though such an ordeal. Thank you sooo much for sharing. It makes my heart happy to hear of such kindness and love. My hubby and I are married only a year and a half, my first marriage and his second. We are in our mid forties and I am hopeful to cultivate this type of relationship in the years to come.

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, so sweet 70. You are correct; I am very blessed and I have to constantly remind myself! I remembered that I just welcomed you but I did review your profile. You are very blessed too for I see you started this journey in 1991 but you're still on it! Yay for your happy heart! Thank you again!