Happening right now

So, since early this morning, I've been feeling very "off" I have a pressure headache (nothing new), but I feel like I am drunk. I am walking into things, and sweating like crazy. I kinda feel like I want to just lie down anywhere, but Im afraid I wont get up. Any thoughts??

I don’t want to alarm you, but you should really have somebody drive you to the emergency room. A friend I know went to an emergency room and they sent him home since they thought he was drunk. He wasn’t drunk – he had an aneurysm!!

Hi - I agree with Wendy - you never know. It could be the flu or a stroke, but getting to a doctor - calling 9-1-1 or something - is probably your best bet.

Agreed! If you aren't already talking to a healthcare professional, do so as soon as you can.

Hello GinaL
My husband thought I was drunk with some of the same things like pressure and I was so tired...but it turned out I was having a stroke! Please go to emergency do not drive yourself. If no one can drive you please call 911.

Glad to hear you went to the doctor. I am sure you are extremely tired. Hopefully you have someone who can check on you. Get lots of rest. Call you doctor to make an appt even though I am sure its the last thing you want to do!

Hi Gina,

It probably feels like a wasted trip, but you were absolutely right to go to the hospital. It's just too hard to tell a major event from a minor one without help.

Now that you're home again, it's a good idea to call whoever has been managing your care and let them know what happened. If you have the time, you can also see if you can get a record of any tests or notes from the ER, so you can pass these on to your doctor.

The neurosurgeon's office might even be able to move your appointment up if you call and say your symptoms have changed. (Probably not, but maybe worth a try!)

If you're having uncontrolled seizures, you're going to want to avoid driving until you get on a medication that controls them. So if it turns out that these episodes really are seizures, I suggest that you ask for a referral to an epileptologist. Neurosurgeons can prescribe meds for seizures, but they tend to prescribe the oldest drugs, which are also often the ones with the harshest side effects. An epileptologist (a neurologist who specializes in seizures) is your best bet for getting seizures under control with as few side effects as possible. (If you're getting treated right away, this might not be such a big deal; some people's seizures go away after the AVM is treated.)

Good luck with the neurosurgeon!

So glad to hear from you and it’s good to know you went to the Dr. I you all the best.

So glad you went to the hospital! You can't be too careful with these things. I'm so thankful that you are ok! Make sure you take it easy and try get in to your doc sooner! Take care!

Hope you took the advice of everyone here and went to get some help, I am praying for you and hoping to hear soon that everything is ok. God Bless you!

Thank you for letting us know that you were alright. Please keep us posted on here if you have any other episodes!