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Hand recovery

Has anyone here regained use of their affected hand? I have regained so much already but my left hand (and yes I know it’s the last thing to regain) is being so stubborn and I keep weight bearing like I’m told by my OT but 2 years in and I feel I’m going nowhere :confused:

I would say I have 85% use in my left hand I still don’t have fine feeling so it’s difficult to type on a keyboard; I have to do the old hunt and peck but I can hold and do things with my left hand but it took me almost 3 years to get there

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I’ve no experience of this but a documentary i saw a year ago showed a gentleman making a good recovery after 4 years, so (disappointingly in some ways) 2 years is still too short. The good news is that keeping on keeping on should get you better than you are today.

Very best wishes


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Thank you Mike!! You’re one of my role models and even if it takes me a while and it’s not like before, something is something!! Tonight my left leg and foot entirely woke up!! I didn’t realize how much I missed them considering I focus on the loss of my arm and hand :slight_smile: arm is back just the hand is so frustrating!!

Thank you Dick!! Even if you’re not experiencing it your input is great!! I understand the approximate time frames…I’m just very impatient lol!!

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My left hand drives me nuts I can wear a foot brace if I need to but … therapy, therapy, therapy, I guess. I can’t do keyboard either but want to. I use right hand for it, just takes a little longer but you get the hang of it.
Has anyone had up and down days??

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Mine drives me nuts too!! Hopefully one day we can be as close to normal as possible or at least comfortable with our progress. I know I am my biggest judge and still want more