Hand opened

Opened my hand after 5 years


Great to see it all working out OK for you.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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I am constantly impressed by your determination to do better. It is great to see you doing things and celebrating them.

Very best wishes from me!



To the stars through difficulties my dear friend!! The sky’s the limit and pain is merely part of the process. It’s all repetition (countless times) until we get our desired outcome :slight_smile: and hopefully easily rather than it taking forever!! I still remember my first weeks and being so desperate to be where I am right now!! I thought I was going to cry when it happened! But I guess I used up all those back during my frustration days hahahaha!! You know I’ve basically tried every cheatsheet possible and will continue to do so (lol!!) until I am as close to “normal” as possible :slight_smile: I still am in the process of getting my tendon release surgery to fix my drop foot too. I finally found a surgeon but sending medical records (I have a bunch!) has been a drag :confused: so stay tuned!! I still don’t know when that’ll be…hopefully sometime next year.


That’s very impressive and definitely something to be pleased with!


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