Halloween is around the corner

We’re headed to Miami for Halloween. One of our best friends swears that the South Beach Halloween experience is not to be missed. Of course, costumes are required, and, for any of you that watched Birdcage, drag is expected. I just can’t do it, sorry. I was thinking maybe a good ole fashioned pirate since I often wear a patch anyway. My partner is going as a doctor, scrubs, hat & all- i figured I’d pretend he’s my neuro…that’s probably too much information for you, eh? Anyway, should be fun.

I was curious to hear if our international friends have a similar holiday experience? Is Halloween celebrated in Australia and the UK? Eastern Europe or Asia? Let us know.

I’ll try to take some decent pictures to share the experience with you.


Miami you lucky so and so!
Paul going to halloween party in his school, wish he’d hurry up and choose a costume think it was Scream last time I checked but he’s got plenty of time to change his mind AGAIN! But it’s not a big over here in UK as it is over the pond.
p.s. Brian, I think it’s Halloween every morning I wake up and look in the mirror Aaaargh!

Hello Brian. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Wonderful place for the big day, Miami is. GREAT FUN!!! Here I was thinking of dressing as a post-op embo-rad.-crain. patient, but, sadly, can’t quite remember the attire… I for one want to read, apon your return , FAR too much information. Please use your astute powers of observation and your “way” with words and give us a peek . ENJOY! You are (both of you) in my thoughts and prayers. Be good to you. Take care of you. (I do believe I am a wee bit jealous of your impending delicious party time. O.K., I’m over it .)

Our friends are getting married on Halloween. My husband and I are going to be Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas. Then are then flying us to Cabo, Mexicao for the week to celebrate. There will be eight of us all toghether. Never been there! We have always done Halloween with them over the years that is why that thought it would be neat to hitch up on that night… They would go bar hopping and BOY did I get wasted of all those diet cokes. lol

Have fun!!!

Lee Ann

I’m going as a crani patient and my boyfriend as the surgeon… hehe… it was HIS idea… :wink:

Liam, wait till the other two wake up and read your comments…
Expect to be having sharp needle pains soon…lol

just making the dolly and sharpening me pins hehehe

Liam! You are incorrigible!

I bet that YOU are the one out egging houses!