Hair washing post Crani?

Im getting ready to wash my hair myself for the first time without my staples post craniotomy, prior to this ive been having my sister wash it for me and avoid my incision site etc. There is a lot of dry dead skin and scabbing still there, are there any tips or ideas for washing? Im nervous about it and my dr office is closed on Saturday or I would call and ask the Dr . Any advice is appreciated!

Hi Jessica,

After my craniotomy, I was told to wash with baby shampoo and air dry. I then cleaned the incision with hydrogen peroxide and once that dried, I put bacitracin ointment on the incision. Hope that helps!

Hi, similar to Monica, I was told to wash with baby shampoo because it has less chemicals. But directly on the area where I had my crani, I just dabbed with my fingers because I was paranoid and scarred about damaging the stapled area that’s still healing. After the shower, I would use a q-tip to swab the area directly. That was what I did.

I remember the first time that I got my hair washed after my craniotomy, and I was in
bad shape for sure. Very weak, and I was not able to wash it by myself, so I asked my
wife to rinse my hair after placing some shampoo/water on it. It felt good, because I needed
it I am sure. After this I was able to wash my own by myself, and slowly, sometimes very
slowly, was able to do things again for myself. If you can write well online, as I see
that you can, then I expect that it will not be long before you will be easily doing
this chore yourself. Hope so!

Thank you all for the helpful advice! I have a lot if hair and it is very thick, but I was very fortunate that my surgeons left 95% of my hair in place! My head was a little sore afterwards from the weight of the wet hair, but I did manage to conquer the task! Its amazing how easy something as simple as washing your own hair easily can be taken for granted. Im glad I was able to do it and am much less nervous about my hair washing adventure :slight_smile:

loads of great suggestions for you, I also used my kids shampoo at first and even just got used to the feeling of the water running over the area (Not too hot at all just a little warm) and it felt good, Hope it went ok ? :)