Hair loss questions

Hi Dick,

I am definitely relieved!

Hi Angela4,

Yes my DAVF is gone now. I am feeling good now and am almost finished my physical therapy. Still have some speech therapy to do. I am doing much better. Boy am I losing hair though. So maybe it’s a combination of the craniotomy and COVID. I still don’t have my smell or taste back yet and it been over 3 months. I’m praying they come back. Thank you so much for asking.


@Puff wow I am wondering since COVID causes inflammation in the body if you adding turmeric to your diet would be okay obviously clear it with your dr first cause it is also a blood thinner and you need to add pepper to active it. It helps with inflammation and really helped my hair grow back- I can only use it twice a week cause I still have my DAVF. I know I did also read that a report that in Israel that one of vaccines I think it was Pzifer was causing inflammation of the heart in the young people.

Thank you for this info Angela4. I will definitely check with my Dr. Are your drs. Going to do anything about your DAVF or are they just watching it right now?

@Puff Yes we are in the watching phase right now- they fear if they attempted anymore procedures it would cause paralysis and since after my massive stroke in 2011 it took about 6 months just regain movement and a few years of therapy to my fine motor skills back they dont want to risk it. When then went in the first time they said it was more complex then it showed on the MRA - It looked like a spider with 30 legs! EEK! Then the second time some of the feeders had sealed on their own.
So anytime I feel weird I am supposed to contact my Stroke dr who is "in charge " of me at Stanford. Last time I has an angiogram was 2015 and my last scans were 2018.

Wow Angels4. You have certainly been through a lot. So glad you are doing better.

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@Puff Thank you. Yes very lucky to be alive and grateful to be able to walk talk etc. So thankful for this site, group and that we can support one another. I hope you are doing well

Hi everyone,

It’s been 6 months since my surgery and hair loss, so I though I would post how it looks now. It is definitely a different texture than my other hair. I have not cut it down recently, but I need to get a proper hair cut soon. Today felt like the right time to post it. I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotional fallout from the surgery, and today was the first time in a long time that I have looked in a mirror and felt like I was finally looking like myself (if that makes sense).

Hope you are all doing well,

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It looks great! I have to say that I am sure it is very normal to feel quite odd about losing one’s hair and it regrowing. I know @corrine went through very much the same as you, even with the change in texture. But I’ll tell you something else: I think Corinne looks even more “wow!” with her new hair than she did with her old hair. I know she took the whole experience as a new start in life and has not looked back.

Very best wishes,


Wow! Look at the difference! It is amazing! It’s thick and has texture to it. (When my hair first started growing back, it was curlier…much like my hair was as a toddler!) This development should boost your spirits, right? At least, I hope so!