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Hair Loss From Cyber Knife Radiation


That's a great idea, thank you! We have been through a lot you're right! So crazy, most of us had no idea what an AVM was until we were diagnosed. I read your story about your AVM discovery. Glad you are doing well after the brain bleed. I am near your area, I went to Christiana Hospital when I had the seizure from the AVM. I wish you the best of luck in treatment and recovery! :)


About 3 weeks after my first Cyberknife treatment i lost a sizable chunk of hair, in all the hair came out in fist fulls for a few days and slowly stopped coming out by about a week and a half. I am lucky i have a lot of hair and with a different hair cut it is not noticed with my hair down. I have my next treatment in Sept so i am curious if it will happen again after next treatment. Did you lose any hair prior to your 3 treatment?


Interesting, that's about what has happened with me as well so far. It came out in chunks for about a week and then slowly stopped. It doesn't come out in chunks anymore, but I still see more stands then normal coming out when I brush it for example.

I didn't have any hair loss prior to my treatment at all, just about 3 weeks after my treatment like you said


I lost mine but only where the radiation had been and no where else so i would say don’t worry it will come back i think it’s pretty normal, when i asked my doc he just said yep i did that and laughed.


Thank you! I really hope so


I had my gamma knife surgery a month ago and my hair fell out too but mines the top left quadrant. I ended up just shaving it all off and love the feeling so much easier to get ready in the mornings


Interesting thanks for the insight!


I didn’t have chunks come out. My hair did become very thin. The best part was for about 3 months or so the hair on my legs and arms quit growing. It’s not funny by any means but I was really happy to have bare legs like that :blush: For me it was the best part of Gamma Knife.


I did the same so much easier and cleaner but i did mine as a charity fund raiser thing for the brain tumour trust it was 1999 and i still managed to get a thousand pounds, not sure if people did it because they liked me or just wanted me to look a twit lol



I’m experiencing hair loss myself from the radiation therapy from all my medical imaging ect. I would say half of my hair has fallen. Its been falling now for 3.5 months. How long did it take for your hair to completely stop falling? Just curious, there is not much on the internet