Hair Loss After Surgery


I recently had AVM embolization and craniotomy on 06/22/2022 in left frontal lobe. I’ve noticed after surgery that a lot of hair has started falling out… I’ve had hair growing back since the first couple days after surgery where I was shaved, but now the longer strands are falling out as well. I plan on cutting my hair as soon as the short hair is long enough but it was just an odd thing for me to handle.

Hope everyone is doing well!

This is likely due to spending a long time on the X-ray table during angiogram and embolization. Others have had the same happen and it grow back.

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Oh I see! That’s so good to know, thank you for responding :slight_smile:

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I had my fourth embolization on June 22 as well. After my third embolization, I experienced hair loss. My doctor didn’t warn me, but I had already read about it by other members of avmsurvivors, so I didn’t frick out (thank you guys). It grew back. Now, after the latest embolization, I am having a major hair loss, but I know it will grow back again. I already have an appointment with my hairdresser on Friday and I see it as a good excuse to have a peculiar hair-cut without facing problems at work… I wish you smooth recovery!


If you ever get things going on that you’re worried about, ask. Much of what we go through as patients is about worry. If we can put some of those worries away by asking others, it really helps.

The other thing I had happen (and my x-rays will have been focussed on my occipital lobe which deals with sight) was that I had scotomas occur for a few weeks after my embolization. Between me and another member we concluded that they were due to the contrast material used during the operation. Very disturbing to lose a segment of eyesight, even temporarily, but much more encouraging to understand what they are and they became less frequent over a few weeks before disappearing again.

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I had 4 embos and then a craniotomy; my hair came out a lot on one side, a square shape. The doctor didn’t tell me that it was possibility but hey at least the AVM was mostly removed. My hair has grown back I do still have empty patches and it’s been 11 years. Everyone is different but stay positive because worrying about it is also going make it worse. :disappointed:

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I’m so glad you posted this. I had embolization and craniotomy in late May and am having the same experience. Lots of hair loss. Happened after my initial embolization about 7 months ago too (although not as much). My dermatologist said it’s most likely radiation and surgical alopecia and the majority will grow back but some spots the hair follicles have died (thanks radiation) and so those patches will stay bald. Luckily they are fairly small and in the back. I wasn’t expecting that much hair loss either. I’m seeing the dermatologist again in a few weeks and can let you know if he recommends any special shampoos or treatments.

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Greetings to all. As I have posted before I had a craniotomy June 6th in my cerebellum, about a 5.5 inch scar. Most of the hair that was shaved off has grown back. My downside is that about half of the posterior right side of my head, where I have hair, is still numb. Doctor’s say that because of the incision, they can’t tell where the nerve endings are, and it might take months for the numbness to go away, if ever. I have come to conclusion that it might stay that way, and I am ok with it. Even of it feels weird.
Best to you all


You all are very lucky. I’ve had many different kinds of surgeries and hair on my left side refuses to grow back. I dislike hats and wigs but may have to wear them someday when my caregiver leaves. As it is now she can pull the thicker side of my hair to the left and cover some of the baldness. God bless her.