Hair loss after gamma knife surgery


I had gamma knife on 13th November and last week started to lose some of my hair. They advised that it was to be expected due to my AVM being so close to the skull for treatment, but it was traumatic all the same. I'm hoping it grows back soon.

Has anyone else who has had GK experienced hair loss? If so, how did you manage it? Is there anything that can be done to help the hair grow back or do I just have to be patient? I'm conscious with it being a large patch (6cm x 3cm) at the back of my head so just want some comfort the hair will return.


Yes it will grow back. I have had my 3rd one on November 23rd. The first two it came out. The first time in the back. I didn't realize it at the time. I just thought my hair was parting funny in the back. The second go round, I didn't think I was going to loose any, mainly because I didn't think I had lost any the first time. But it came out in a fairly large patch in the left frontal area. I could cover it up so no one could see it. I am so looking forward (NOT) to having my hair come out again. Probably gonna be closer to the hair line this time, so I don't know if I will be able to keep it covered with the rest of my hair. My scalp seems to get kinda sensitive right before it comes out. Usually takes around 2 weeks. Well, my scalp is sore and it has been 2 weeks today. I had LINAC treatment by the way.

Yes I found that my scalp was sore prior to the hair falling out. I just thought at the time I'd had my hair done up too high or too tight. Mine fell out after a bath and I was combing it through, then I freaked out after hair kept appearing on my brush and then a huge chunk came out :( I think it's starting to grow back now as I can start to feel some prickly hairs on the area, fingers crossed that just means I'm healing!


Your post has really helped me. I’ve recently just had gamma knife surgery and have just begun my hair loss journey.
I started getting pain/discomfort in my scalp the week before the hair loss in exactly the same way you did - like my hair had been tied up too tightly. It was nice hearing that someone had gone through the same thing!
I hope you don’t mind me asking - my scalp is very sensitive where the hair loss has started and I wondered if you had any tips or would recommend any good products to help? Also how long did it take until your hair stopped falling out? I’m only on day 4 but hope it’ll stop soon!

Thanks :slight_smile:

My daughter’s hair started falling out 3 weeks post gamma knife. She has such long beautiful hair.
She’s so distraught.
Hopefully it’ll stop soon.
She was complaining about her head being sensitive prior to falling out.

One of our moderators, @corrine, had a marathon embolisation session and lost a large area of her hair. She documented her progress and we kept it in our AVM 101 reference section. I hope it is encouraging reading.