Hair loss after embolisim

I just had 2 embos and surgery two weeks ago and my radiologist had told me that I may lose some hair. I was just wondering if anyone else lost a lot of hair. It has been coming out in clumps and I wasn’t sure how long it lasts for and if it all comes out.its weird because it just started falling out 2 weeks later. Thanks for any info.

Kinder, there have been a number of discussions about hair loss recently. If you type "hair loss" in the search box at the upper right, you should be able to access them. It is a side effect of radiation during embolization and is most often temporary.

It'll be back in a couple of months! And you won't lose it all--just where the x-rays for the embolization were targeted.

My hair started falling out 2 or 3 weeks later as well. If you search in discussions you can find more about this subject. I had very bad hairloss, shaved off all my hair. I hope it doesn't get to worse for you!

Good luck

i lost just under half my head of hair after the embolization. then i had radiation approx. 6 months later, then lost a bit more. it does grow back fast tho. my hair fell out in clumps too, it was nerve racking, as i was only 14, but it all grew back fine :)