Hair changed after avm_crainiotomy?

I didnt know about my avm until it ruptured but before it did i had long stright hair that was about 10 to 12 inchs long after my avm_crainiotomy when it all grew back it was the complete oppesite kinky and curly so im just wondering has this same thing or something similar happoned to anyone Ells?


Like you I didn't know I had an AVM until the bleed. I was shaved completely bald right before my crani. This was my husband's doing. I was in a coma for 3 weeks and my hair had gotten so matted that it was impossible to get a brush or comb through it. I guess bald was the best choice. I didn't have very long hair but to my shoulders anyway. When it grew back is was much wavier than before and a lot darker. It is odd. I know this can happen with people that lose their hair during chemo (it happened to my mom) but I didn't know it was possible with this. I never asked my surgeon about it though.

Hi Chris.

I think most people don't know about AVM's until we are told, or a bleed etc. Like Trish, I was in a coma for 3 weeks, then in hospital for 3 months. When I got home, my mid-length hair started to break off in large chunks, so my daughter took me to the hairdresser's and had it cut super short It started to grow back very curly and much darker, so I kept it quite short for ages and the curls "went away"! Now, I love the short hair.