Had an appointment with neurosurgeon today

I really liked Dr.Morales. He went over the CT angiogram images with me and my daughter, Christina. He thinks that I might be a candidate for embolization with onyx. He says he’s going to do some “homework” on it. If it looks like I would be good candidate, I will be going for a regular angiogram.

I also had an EEG at my neurologist’s office today. I spent the rest of the day sleeping! lol

Praying for you and your family!!

i knew out there there was someone with the right treatment to help you…my fingers are crossed and i have already started praying that you suitable…which im sure you are deep in my heart i can feel it…God bless xxx

It’s so wonderful that you have a new ray of hope!

Best wishes,


Connie, my fingers are crossed for you. hope you had a good sleep.

Good news Connie! You know, it still always amazes me the different opinions we get from various doctors. Even the “experts” will give you varying options. I’m glad you have met with a doc who feels confident in at least exploring the possibility of doing something. It must be such a disappointment when the radiation doesn’t work. But you have to remember that it works for some people, and the possible benefit was worth the wait and risk of a “no result.” right??? I mean what did you really lose other than time…and sleep… At least it isn’t any worse!!! So there is my “silver lining” speech. Although I doubt you needed to hear it from me!!! ha ha!
There are other people who have had onyx on here, of course I’m most familiar with the no-brainers who had it. But from what I know, it’s a great option. I really do hope that your doc comes back with the green light on this. Keeping my fingers crossed for you lady!!!