Grieving the Loss

I'm trying to clear out some junk and came across something from my divorce way back when. I thought that this might be relevant to the loss when dealing with AVM:

I'm grieving the loss - not of the person, but of the person I wish that person would have been.

Your are right! Clear out every thoughts and things that make you sad. Surround your self with positive people, enviroment and do things that make you happy. Have you read the book "Eat, pray and love" by Elizabeth Gilbert? The writer of this book is a brave women, and cleared out everything that made her unhappy! You can do it!!

I haven't...I've heard good things though.


Julie, boy do I understand! It's almost a year since my husband (the love of my life) insisted I leave my home as he couldn't cope with the new me after surgery and brain damage. That was 17mths after surgery and I was still quite ill with little memory, re-learning to read, write, talk, etc & etc. I miss very much the man that I thought he was, though I know now that I can survive living alone and still work on my recovery daily! Thank you for sharing this, I really need to hear what you said.