Great news!

Here to share great news! I had my spinal angiogram yesterday and I was told I do NOT have an AVM. They are not sure what is wrong with my thoracic cord, but they do know it is not a vessel problem. He mentioned possible infection, inflammation, and the MS was mentioned again. They all sound better to me than AVM surgery. The only bad thing is now I am back to the drawing board- fun, fun! I need a break from all of this mess honestly. It has been an exhausting 6 months. I am going to attach a picture of my MRI so if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share.

Great news indeed about no AVM Jules. Perhaps visiting a couple of doctors who are spinal docs would be a good next step. May take a little research, but try that next, maybe Northwestern or some of the other teaching hospitals near Chicago. Keep us posted.

Thanks Ninibeth and Debra.

I called yesterday to see if I needed to have my follow-up with the surgeon still, since no AVM was found. I did not hear what I wanted. He wants me to have the angio repeated in 6 months to make sure they did not miss it or that it is just beginning and not easily found. Gotta love that! I was not expecting that at all. Maybe since the interventionist is a speedy angiogramer he did not do a thorough enough job to find it. I was told the procedure would take 3-4 hours and it only took him a bit over an hour.Hmmm! What a mess!

I just assumed all clear was indeed all clear. Have any of you had this experience? How long did your angiograms take?


Hi Jules - I never had an angiogram, only CT scans, but even though I am AVM free (for 3 years), I have had a scan every year since my surgery and will have 1 more until no more scans. It's more precautionary than anything else, but I think that's a good thing. Hopefully your doctor has some suggestions on how you can proceed next too. Hang in there!!