Great News For Lacey

Great News For Lacey

This morning she was approved for MSI, That means she will get the surgery she needs at a local Orange County Hospital, she has many hospitals to select from. Does anyone know of a good Neurosurgeon working out of a Orange County Hospital ??

Lacey continues to amaze me with her persistence to succeed, She has been calling the local politicians and two of them have come through for her, Assemblyman Harman and Assemblyman Bass, both had there assistants call MSI on behalf of Lacey and her MSI application was pushed through the system this morning, without there help she would still be waiting at least another 30 days before she would have been approved.

I want to Thank everyone from AVM Survivors for all your prayers and support you have been the greatest, without your kind words of encouragement it would have much harder to deal with.

Yesterday I did call the doctors office again and had a good conversation with the office, they said they would have someone call me back and they actually did, They gave us a phone # and name to call the Charity organized that denied Lacey, the lady we need to speak with is on maternity leave.

Mario Ontiveros

this is such fantastic news…it is said said things come to those who waityour patience has paid offsending you and lacey lots of positive energies please let us know when the surgery will be


That is wonderful news! :slight_smile:


I am so extremely happy for you guys! I can’t imagine how much relief you all feel… I will continue to keep Lacey in my prayers for the days to come

Ninbeth, Steve, Alica, Mindy.
Thank you again, you are correct today we expiernced great relief to know that surgery is coming, Today was a very busy day it’s after 8pm I started at 4am this morning and just now settling in at home, Lacey and I accomplished so much today. We have a lot to be Grateful for I will be glad and rejoice in it. Thank You God.

What wonderful news! Persistance and prayers do work! We will continue to keep Lacey and her wonderful family in our thoughts and prayers! Please keep us informed on the progress!
Marie & Steve

Im glad to hear that, Lacey got the help…You see with faith everything is possible…God sometimes put us on a through a lot…This is a miracle…Congratulations…Im really happy she can start her treatment…God bless…Never give up…

Thank You, Anabel

Your support has really been appreciated, Yes our faith and hope was down but not gone, it just was getting so frustrating, and there is new hope that all will be alright, have a great day

Mario Ontiverios