I am grateful too for the 25 years my husband and I have been able to spend together. It was 24 yrs and almost one month that my head decided to blow a gasket, but now 4 kids and so much time spent
that we never thought we would have. I am so appreciative. We are now facing another dilemma.
He had a very minor stroke a few weeks ago and we found out yesterday he a rather significant hole
in his heart that probably caused this. He has been my rock for so long through all of my health
challenges, now I need to step up and be his. Is there anyone out there who can help me? I am usually a very strong survivor. We have raise 2 severly mentally ill children and our other 2 are quite
successful. I just need to say all of the things I am grateful for like my surviving my avm rupture and
repair so well, and to have 4 children, because I know most don’t get to go on and do this, and with
my history of the severe child abuse I survived my therapist says I was lucky to come out alive and as
sane as I am, and to have survived as many grand mals as I have, and all of my kids health problems,
but we live in a rather nice home, with excellent neighbors, my mom just last year survived breast cancer with a double masectomy, I have great gardens, I love to cook and preserve. I love the church
I belong to (I am LDS) I enjoy doing genealogy and feel a great tie to my ancestors. I am tiring now
and am having to correct my spelling too much. Have a great day. Love your hubby and your kids
Unite as a family. Make friends.Pam

Well Pam,

You just explained everything to me. I know not what to ask of you. and you have a great day also. eeeehhhhh!!! and I will talk to you later…