Since I was diagnosed last week my mind has been a whirlwind of emotion, but luckily I found this website! Alot of good information, friendly people and even became friends with someone who is going through the same as I, even though I dislike the way we met I am still very grateful! I want to also thank whoever designed this website, it has been a blessing!

Glad to hear it, Vicky! We’re all here for the same reasons you mentioned. This site was designed by Ben Munoz, a fellow AVM Survivor. He’s since created Ben’s Friends, helping others with 30+ rare conditions get help in their own communities.

Blogs are meant as something to reflect on, with little or no input from others. If you’d like more feedback, a Disscussion is the better forum. All the best!

Vicky, I’m grateful to you as well and this site. Michael helped me so much when I first came here and I was excited to meet you last night. Tim, your site and friends are a life lin. Thank you so much! V