Grandma progress #3 and questions

Okay so today was pretty difficult for me. I went to see my Grandma and she is doing fine and breathing on her own. Without the ventilator/ life support. Today was difficult for me because she is waking up and she is in restraints so she won't try to get out of the bed. It is also difficult watching her try so hard to talk but barely anything comes out. So far she has said no, shut up, and i love you too shelly, to my aunt shelly. everything is really hard to make out though. the rest is all mumbling and her trying to mouth things but nothing vocally comes out usually. its hard me seeing her in this condition. i am just glad she is alive but she is probably going to be a completely different person for awhile. I think she recognizes who we are though. and both sides of her body work and move but we don't know if she can swallow on her own yet. if she cannot that will be very very bad and extremely dissapointing. she probably wouldn't be able to live very long or happily because of a feeding tube. she wouldn't like that very much she already seems irritated and restless. i was wondering if there are ways to overcome this? and to learn how to speak and swallow again? and what about walking? this is just the beginning most people are comatose way longer than 6 days after a brain bleed. she is recovering very fast but i still have doubts and concerns. do you guys have any advice on her speech and making her open her eyes more?

ps i forgot to say that she caught a slight case of pneumonia from the ventilator/ life support. anyone else have this happen to them?

Amber, stay positive. Having a brain bleed is not like having a broken takes time and support for your Gram. Once she's better, I'm sure they will arrange the therapy she needs. Once she is ready to be released from the Hospital, she probably will next be sent to a Rehab Center for her therapy. It sounds like she's getting better and better each day! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Amber I'm sure it's very difficult to see her like this. I can share some of my experience. I was in a coma for 3 weeks total. It took a long time once the breathing tube came out for me to be able to swallow solid foods again. I had to drink those "Ensure" drinks, V-8 juice, etc. for quite a while. Eventually I was able to swallow a bit better. The speech therapist (they also handle swallowing issues) helped but honestly I don't remember how. I remember having a swallow test (very uncomfortable) before I was allowed to have solid foods again. Like Louisa said, it takes time. And while I didn't have pneumonia, I did develop meningitis as a result of the craniotomy. I had to have heavy duty IV antibiotics twice a day for 21 days. Continue to be there for her and encourage her!

Hi Amberlynnhart. Lots of people have learned to swallow again…that is what a good speech pathologist can do! Your Grandma sounds like she has spunk if she is telling people to shut up which means she has a fighter spirit! A lot of us on here also learned how to walk again. Unfortunately, it does not happen overnight. It takes time. Thank you for the updates!

Amber, like the others have said, it just takes time! I was in a coma for 3 weeks and apparently it took 2 weeks before I could breathe alone, so your grandma is doing very well. I have no memory of that time at all but my family said I was fighting, just as you granma is doing. Therapy will happen when she is well enough! My family tell me that all I could say were curse words, then gibberage, then finally, normal words but again, it took time! Sounds to me she is doing pretty well considering what she has gone through & still going through. All you need to do is to be there & love her!, the rest will happen!

thank you all read my next post of what happened today!!!