Grandma Progress #2

So things are really looking up lately. I am so happy I could cry. They realized SHE IS able to breathe on her own. And tomorrow she is getting put off the ventilator. They are going to see how she does off of it. They were supposed to do it today but she was too weak and wasn't ready yet. There have been no complications thus far. She might just be a avm survivor- of a bleed in the brain stem, the worst place. So there is hope people! My grandma has been moving every side of her body, making facial expressions and even tried to talk but she was intubated. Anyone who is losing hope for avms or people in comas just keep believing and something good could happen. I really didn't think she was going to be okay, I thought she was going to die on me. And she has been so good so far I am thoroughly shocked. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome so far. Pray for her to keep being a trooper and get through the rest of this! All of you keep hope whatever struggles you need to overcome whether it be surgery, inoperable avms, or chronic problems from your avms. Things could get better when you least expect it to. Much love

YAY!!! HOPE springs eternal!
Tell your Granma to keep up the amazing work! :)