How many of you (brain avmsurvivors) have placed a graft to replace the missing bone in the skull maybe from the decompressive craniotomy!

My husband had his removed bone plate put back in place and wired together with the rest of his skull. No plate or graft was placed. You can see the outline of the removed bone, now, since it sank a little lower than the level of the rest of his skull. I don’t know anything for sure about how stable it is, but it appears to be a vulnerable spot, and I wish his doctors had placed a plate. Have you been given a choice between a graft, a plate, and the original bone alone?

The original bone was thrown away probably because i was dying and nobody believed that i could survive.So after i didn’t have much the choice but if i fully understand the meaning of plate the doctor by himself told that because i was young that the best solution and the one we are going to follow is the use of graft

Wow, you weren’t expected to survive, and here you are!

Yes, if they threw the bone away, a graft makes sense, and they’ll probably use titanium plates or screws to attach it to the rest of your skull. I suggest asking whether it will be a donor’s bone, or if they’ll harvest a bone chip from another part of your body. The advantage of donor bone is obvious–they take it from someone who was an organ donor and they don’t have to get it from you. The advantage of using a piece of your own bone is that your body will definitely accept it, and it doesn’t get weakened by being sterilized before it’s used.

it’s already in my head for 4 and a half years!Basically is synthetic bone graft with screws!I just don’t know how many had decompressing craniotomy and then had to use either the original bone,plates,grafts or whatever