Graduation Day

Life is Amazing!!!! Today I 'graduated' from rehab after 10 months. I had mixed feelings when I went there this morning....Happy that I am well enough to move on and sadness to leave these wonderful people who gave me hope, encouragement, positive actions and acceptance as I was and now as I am. They tell me that its only because I have been willing to do the work, however, I believe its their caring attitudes and encouragement and God's love and will that has brought me this far.

I will never forget these special people as they have given me my life back when doctors/surgeons etc thought I would never get to this point.

I loved going to rehab and I will miss them, however, there are other adventures in store, higher hills to climb and with God's help and new friends in my life (this network), my life is full of promise.

Thank you for being here for me, I do hope that I can help you as you help me. Take care and enjoy life as it is so very precious................Lesley.

What an awesome accomplishment! My husband felt the same as he left the wonderful people that offered so much hope and encouragement. I have no doubt you will continue to meet others that will offer the same throughout your daily life!

:). What a bitter sweet graduation. The people who help us heal become such a big part of our lives and it is hard to leave them behind. When I was told I wouldn’t need any more follow up unless I have a problem I was over joyed, but then I tought about the fact I will (very hopefully) never see the doctors or surgeons that saved my life and took such great care of me. Higher hills bigger and better things await us at every turn. I will think of them at every accomplishment triumph and good time in my life and think of them with great love and respect. I will also think of them when everything seems to just not go right and think of them because I am here to make them right.
Life is so very precious Lesley, so are you, and I am happy you get to be here to conquer it all!

Hi Lesley,

Congratulations on getting on rehab and glad you had good people to get you to this point.

Take care,


Congrats on the graduation :slight_smile: Good luck on your new adventures! I’m sure that the sadness of leaving them behind is absolutely reciprocated by them as they watch you take off and hope for the best for you. It’s so important to recognize these wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to helping others recover and be successful. How truly awesome they are!

Well, what more can i say! Everyone else seems to have covered off on the congratulatory messages. Everyone I know who has been through rehab ( i didn’t need it cos i’m so tough - yeah right!) has my respect cos you know all about doing the hard yards. Congrats to you, Andre the Giant, and your family.