Grace's appt with Dr Rosenwasser

Grace, my daughter, son-in-law and I had the appointment with Dr Rosenwasser yesterday at Jefferson. Grace was very nervous about seeing another doctor, so after a short time in the exam room, Grace and I waited in the waiting area while Dr Rosenwasser met with my daughter and son-in-law and discussed Grace, her reports and AVM. After the first 2 opinions, I felt as thought the door was closed on Grace - no options, no advice, no suggestions to see someone better in the field of treating AVM’s. Dr Rosenwasser opened this closed door and rekindled our hope. He was not as morbid and gave hopeful answers to questions. Yes, her AVM is serious, but we don’t feel as though it needs to consume us as is has since September. He informed them that he would not do any type of treatment since it has not bled and her seizures are under control and she has not been experiencing other symptoms. He also informed them that for some unexplainable reason, when AVM’s are treated as this young age, they often return. He suggested a repeat MRI/MRA now and plan to repeat scans and appts every 6 months to closely track the AVM. If she developes a bleed or other symptoms, he will then treat. I had been directed to Dr Rosenwasser by another AVM site member and am very grateful for this direction. I am thankful for all the prayers that are directed to Grace and feel these prayers are definitely helping not only Grace, but also myself and Grace’s parents! I feel I can be happy again.

God Bless! I too was going to be treated palliatively but Dr. Rossenwasser cured me! He is awesome. So so happy nd will continue to pray. I go back in March for checkup from last embo xoxo Maare

I mean another dr. was going to treat me palliatively but I said no way an many recommended Dr R for whih I am foreer gratefuld!

That is awesome news! Most of us have mri's every 6 months even though I'm being treated its still like your granddaughter everyday is a waiting game. Best of luck to you and your family.... You all will with out a doubt be in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Cynthia .

Thank you for sharring this positive and hopeful news !

There is that time when knowing that there are reasonable options and alternative options available (should the need arise ) is the best possible-hopeful-positive-encouraging and empowering experience in these insane situations . It seems that as this is one of those times for your family everyone should be able to breath again and feel happy ... It is excellent news to read that the family has found a physician who has the experience , knowledge and confidence to bring forth the most necessary tool on this journey , hope .

May God guide , guard and hold you all in the palm of His hand as always .

Positive thoughts , loving prayers and hope for all of you .

Be good to you . Take care of you .

Happy is highly under-rated as a part of being strong , able to heal and to stay healthy ...

Be happy Cynthia and enjoy the happy evry hope-filled moment , yes ?


I can't express how I feel any better than Marianne. This is wonderful news. God Bless.

Cindy that is GREAT news!!! Dr Rosenwasser is amazing;) I’m so happy for your family;)

So wonderful! I love good news!!! Be happy! Be very very happy!!! Dr. Rosenwasser sounds like good people! Every time there is something about him there is happy good news attached.

Cynthia, I’m so glad that Grace’s appt. provided hope for all of you! He sounds like an amazing Doctor who will stand by you all! I will continue to pray for Grace and all of you. God Bless.

Hi Cynthia

I am so happy you feel comfort after seeing Dr. Rosenwasser. I switched over to him around 4 years ago I it was the best thing I ever did. I am currently still going through treatments with him and am so happy with the results. My nest one is to fix the aneurysm just waiting for the call anytime now for the date. I was young when they found mine and was told the same to wait until more symptoms or bleed before treating and it wasn't unitl I was 42 that treatments were necessary. All my love and best to you, Grace and everyone! xoxoxoxo

I’m so happy to read of your hopeful news. Maybe now you can get back to some sense of “normalcy” and forget it all for at least 6 months at a time. I am going to ignore the part that you wrote about the regrowth in children!! :slight_smile: Unfortunately that chance is out there. We will continue to pray for Grace.

I can’t thank all of you enough for these beautiful words you have expressed in this blog. They have indeed brought tears to my eyes. The power of your prayers, friendship and caring is indeed overwhelming! Finding this site was the best thing for me after Grace’s diagnosis. Yes, happiness is truly underrated - not realizing I had lost it until it was given back, along with the hope. Love, Hope and Prayer to all of you and your families - Cindy

Excellent news Cindy! Jaclyn’s next MRI check up is in April with him so maybe we can meet someday! I hope to plan a get together with anyone in the area to meet. Maybe this summer! Take care!

Hello Cynthia,

It has been alittle bit since we had written, I was curious to read how things are going. Your family is still in our Prayers...

Be Safe Be Well

Kevin Atwell

Thank you Kevin for checking in to see how things are with Grace. She is doing well. Controlled seizures with meds. Only thing we have noticed is her anger issues. For a little girl of 6 years we think it unusual for her to display anger as quickly as she does with no reason. She has continued with jazz and tap lessons and since she is seizure free for 6 months, she will begin her swimming lessons again and will be able to ride her bike. How are things going with you? Well, I pray. Take care - Cindy

I can confirm the anger issues,( angxiety).. Hopefully they will be able to do something for her. Excercise--- Excellent Keep her going, keeps her mind sharp and keeps her happy. 6 months free " Congratulations"....... Things are the same with me, take them one day at a time. Enjoying life and my family .....

Be Safe Be Well