Got my driver’s license renewed after 4 years of not driving

I just made the appointment for my license renewal (since it was a week away from getting expired) I had purchased driving adaptments a while back and took a picture of them to show proof. One of them is a turning signal extension so I use my right hand instead of left to be able to use it. And the other is a spinner wheel that attaches to the steering wheel to drive one handed. When I entered the dmv they could already see I was disabled and they even put a chair infront of the window I got assigned so I wouldn’t be standing the whole time. Right away the lady I got asked me the questions off the form and I answered truthfully and she just asked me if I had driving adaptments and if I used my glasses to drive. I told her yes to both and she said perfect and told me those would be my restrictions and that I can’t drive standard (right away I giggled and told her I didn’t know how to drive one anyways! ) and she was like perfect!! She printed my provisional and told me to await my license by mail and my form of payment and vuala. I guess it helped that I wasn’t the only handicap in the office?? A gentleman walked in right after me with a cane to renew his as well :slight_smile: I guess the trick is to be confident, have your adaptations to drive so you’re not a danger to others while driving (they can’t discriminate you that way) And like mentioned earlier my license was never revoked. My family just hadn’t wanted me to drive but as time is progressing I feel confident, more abled, and I wasn’t going to let it expire then have to take the driver’s test again (just no lol Id definitely be more nervous and not confident at all). I’ve also seen other adaptments like for the seat of the car where the seat rotates to get in/out but I don’t think I need that (or who knows…time will tell on that first I need to buy my car to know lol and Im assuming it’s on the type of vehicle as well) I don’t struggle to get on on either side though just yeah we’ll see once I get my new car


We all know what an amazing feeling it is/would be to be enabled again like that! It’s really uplifting to hear your story. And we know you’ve fought your way back from quite a spot.


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That would be the dream!! :upside_down_face: That I did :muscle: still fighting to get more back (I am never pleased although I know at the beginning this is all I wanted)

It’s no small thing to be able to carry on fighting. Well done you!

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I honestly don’t know how I do it sometimes. I normally have zero patience and this whole journey has made me learn that.


T, WHAT A BLESSING to get back to driving, again!!! After my AVM surgeries in 1990, I could drive for @ 5-6 years after, so I remember how you felt when you got such FREEDOM BACK! I never thought my vision would ever get back for safe driving, again,…but finally, it DID! CONGRATS to you, T!!!

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Thank you so much!! It was such a blessing to get just a hint of normalicy back :slight_smile: my license just came in the mail today too!!

Congrats! What a sense of independence! I was able to drive after my craniotomy but man it was so tough! I was sweating bullets in the beginning, missing my exits, slow to drive, and my brain was exhausted at night. 2 years of driving after that with no problem until I had a seizure at home. I didn’t submit my paperwork on time and had my license suspended. Covid happened, license expired, and I just had no desire to renew until I could feel myself developing a fear of driving. I recently submitted paperwork as well and now have a temporary license! My question is did you develop a fear at all and if you did how did you overcome it? I have two young ones under the age of three and I just don’t want to put them in harm or anyone else. Does anyone else feel this way?

I agree on all accounts. Thankfully for my wife and I we have a 16 year old and 13 year old. So we can both help the kids get their driving hours in and get chauffered where we need to go (not really). We adapt and persevere but living with deteriorating health on my part from 20+ years of multiple ruptures from ruptured AVM has made existing tricky to say the least.

Definitely have a sense of fear. I haven’t gotten behind the wheel just yet. I just finally renewed it so that obstacle is next and I’m already extremely nervous like as if Im not going to be good enough. I used to love driving and now it feels like it’s going to be a chore. I completely understand dear I have a 5 year old toddler and I bet my spouse won’t let me drive him by himself lol

Congrats on staying ahead of the paperwork game and working toward driving. Start small when you get to practice. You’ve got this.

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Thank you Dee!! That’s definitely the plan, baby steps :slight_smile: