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Got a disability raise


I’m not asking what everyone gets and, know that it’s depends on your state, city, and county. I’ve notice in years past a penny raise here and a dollar there, just got a hefty increase $20 this past disability summary statement. I’m sure I’d eventually notice the increase eventually. Just wanted to share this relief. I had been a penny pincher and still will just wanted to share this blessing around the holidays, everyone needs a peace of good news especially around the holiday season. I’ll probably spoiled my one year old nephew.



Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) – all SSDI recipients will see a 0.3% increase in their monthly SSDI payments in 2017. For the average person this means a monthly benefit raise from $1,167 in 2016 to $1,171 in 2017.
I will check mine to see how much I got


Good for you! I received an increase as well, unfortunately my insurance for my prescriptions premium went up so I am losing this time around. Keeping positive though because I would be paying dearly without it. Enjoy spoiling your nephew and happy holidays!!!


@Breeze check goodrx.com for coupons on drugs its free and they tell you which pharm near you has the cheapest prices


Thank you for that, however mine is a Medicare supplement. I pay my premium and then have low cost co-pays. I appreciate your info though, thank you!


Breeze I was awarded ssdi and it has helped on check-ups and any hospital stays. I have no foreseeable medications luckily from this stroke. I guess you can say I’ve been blessed in that. I had titanium clips inserted were the clot occurred and removed. But, I am well by my own record and doing great by others.


I had two Gamma knifes memory loss l live with serve migraines had 2 back surgeries and was turned down. I live in Pennsylvania.


@Triumph did you appeal and get a court date? I am so sorry that is terrible



Yes, was told I could get a desk job. I worked in the nursing profession for almost 24 years that’s a tremendous pay cut… And it doesn’t change my diagnosis.


Oh that is such crap I can not believe they said that- I just got off the phone with my old companies life insurance - apparently they are questioning me uping my life insurance which I did every year and I guess they think somehow I knew 2 months before that I was going to have a major stroke! I said do you think I dont miss working and making my 6 figure salary like I want to be out of work and on SSDI ?
I said you have all my medical records from the stroke and my two angiograms and embolisms…seriously!


Did the gamma knife cause your headaches ?