Google Glass Trial for Hemianopsia

There has been great interest in this clinical trial. Please see the link below to find out more, including contact information. Thanks goes out to Clint for making us aware of this.

Here’s the latest info, straight from the source:

"The main requirements for our subjects in order to be eligible are the following:

1- Left hemianopia
2- Good visual acuity (preferably no reading glasses)

Also, it is preferred that our subjects ‘have no visual neglect’.

Since we can only do testing in the clinic, you need to come to Los Angeles in order to participate in the study.

There is no compensation. I can keep you informed about the
next phase of study. Hopefully in the next phase participants would be
able to perform in-home testing and therefore, they will not need to visit."

I asked to be kept informed, and will communicate to members if and when contacted.

If you’d like more info, the contact info is on the link. UCLA uses a smiley face in their email address (to confuse spammers?), so please adjust accordingly. Thanks.