Good to be home!

I just got out of the hospital yesterday. I was in the ICU with several pulmonary embolisms in both of my lungs. Since they couldn't be treated normally with blood thinners (thanks a lot, AVM!), they went through a vein in my groin to put a screen over my vena cava to make sure no future blood clots could get into my heart. Oh, by the way, while doing that procedure,they found several more blood clots in my abdomen! When something goes wrong with me, it REALLY goes wrong! LOL

Glad you are home, Connie....I hope things just keep getting better and better. Stay Strong, good friend!

Wow, Connie!!!
Glad you're home & hope you're doing better!
Get Well Soon -

Thank you, Ladies. Patti, I enjoyed that Get Well link! :smiley: