Good news

I got a call from my Doc today, they compared my mri from before Cyberknife with my last one, Now they say there is a change. I am so happy. They will send me a report this week. At this point I will go back in December for another mri(NO EMBO). Thank you all for being there for me!!

Pauline that is so good to hear. i am very happy for you. hopefully in December there is a big improvment

what fabulous news…so glad you dont have to make that tough decision…keep strong and positive and i am sure there will be further changes in deccember…you are always in my prayers… xxxxx

GOOD news, Pauline!

fantastic news, always great to hear xxxxx

That is great news! Hoefully December will be even better! I wish you the best!


Great News !!! I hope you are doing well and taking things as easy as you can.