Good news

I went back to the Mayo in Jacksonville this past Wednesday. I was not supposed to go until the end of November, but because I was having some funny episodes with my heart they wanted to see me sooner. My MRI was better than the one in May. Looks smaller. The next day the PA called and said that she had showed the scan to both my neurosurgeon and radiologist. They don't need to see me again until August 2015.They will do another angiogram at that time. I was worried that the size of my AVM would keep the radiation from working, but looks like they won't have to do any cutting on my noggin after all.

Great News!

I am so happy for you Melissa. Praise the Lord. I know how scared I was when I was told that I might have to have my head cut into and after my second treatment, I too was free from the knife. It has been over a year for me since I had my two DAVF procedures and to be honest, I don't feel quite right. I had Onyx Glue come out of me about three weeks ago and since then I have all kinds of symptoms happening. I am very tired. My neck is hurting like it did in the past. My eyes are swelling and red, My Heart rate keeps going down to 48 - 58 and I keep leaning to the left like I am going to fall over. I had my final MRA and the case was closed. Everyone says I am OK. The question is what should I do. I am so happy for you. This is always a scary thing when there is an uncertainty. Maybe someone can give me advise. I hope so. I am going to get a shot in my neck next week but I am kind of nervous about that too. You keep up the good work and I am going to keep you in my Prayers.


Wooohoooo...We love good news. Thanks for letting us share in your joy!

What wonderful news!

That’s fantastic news Melissa!

I'll tell you have to be your own advocate! If you don't feel right and you are leaning and have had the whole glue situation, run, don't walk, toward help and don't stop until you get answers as to what is going on! I have been told time and time again, that I look so well, yet I knew something was so wrong. I was always right. It nearly cost me my life, time and time again. Be well, get answers!

It is good news…good onya from down under

Congratulations Melissa, great news!

Thank you for sharing the great news! Yay!

That's great news, Melissa!

Hey - Great News!! I agree with you. When possible, I like to keep my noggin from being opened :)

How wonderful! You must be extremely happy!

Great to hear your good news!

Yes I am very happy! So happy to know that the radiation is working. Can't wait till next year for the angiogram. Lord I want this thing out of my head for good!

Great News!!!