Good News

Hello all.

Just wanted to share my goods news. Had my one year follow up angiogram on the 9th July and been given the all clear by the radiologist.
Was out an about Monday … but yesterday i had awful migraine and still going on painkillers at the moment. Is this normal or should I be contacting the radiologist. I don’t recall suffering like this with the very first angiogram.

Thank you all xx

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Great to hear on the all clear, that is fantastic news! I’m a big proponent if you are worried in how you feel to make the call. I had no lingering head issues after my second angio at all. I don’t remember the first one as I was while I was in the hospital post bleed, so little could’ve made my head hurt any more! Not sure if anyone else has experienced similar after angio? Take Care, John.

@electrician says angiograms affect him for at least a couple of days. I got auras I’ve never had before after my second angiogram, so the contrast material definitely messes with your brain.

If it worries you or feels serious, always talk to the doctor but I think it could easily be just the angiogram.

Well done on the all clear! Do you feel 100% other than the after effects above or do you have any residual symptoms? I can’t remember if you were saying the other day about pulsatile tinnitus or the like.

Lots of love,


Very happy to hear you’re all clear! Every time I have an angio it sets off my migraines, bad ones. I think it’s the added pressure of the dye in my veins that does it for me, maybe it sets yours off too?

Hi Reena,

This is great news! My final angiogram I had (that was also a post op check up in which I was cleared) was probably the worst I’ve ever experienced. They made me very sick and light headed to a point where I had no appetite. I think this had somewhat to play into my light headedness following the angio. A few days later I was experiencing blurred vision in my left eye on this past Christmas Eve. Turned out it was just an ocular migraine. Rule of thumb for me, if it doesn’t feel right, go in and check with your doctor. I felt better having tests done to make sure there wasn’t anything apparent my tests were missing. Hope you’re feeling better!

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Hi all
Sorry took me so long to reply. The one year follow up angiogram side effects was awful. Anyway took your advise saw my GP blood pressure all ok , she told me to contact the hospital and speak to the consultant, which I did he said everything is good nothing to worry about. I told him I am still getting migraine on and off and taking paracetamol. He said if you had suffered from migraine previously it can come back again and if it’s troubling me and should ask my Gp to refer me to Neurologist for this.

As anyone been told this by their consultants. I am so glad I got the all clear but the thought of having migraine on and off sucks. :smirk:

I also read on the forum about hearing problems. I been having the same since I been told about my DAVF . I been seen by audiologist two weeks ago and has confirmed I have high frequency hearing lost caused the tiny hair cells damaged within the inner ear associated with aging. lol I am only 56😝 Wearing hearing aid now my husband and kids are thrilled .

Thank you to all for listening and all the comforting lovely wishes. Will be thinking and praying for everyone.

Take care

Love Reena😘

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