Good news

hi all just wanted to share my good news met my doctor on wensday and it turns out my avm is inoperable because of location in spinal cord but he said its not causing me any problems and that its unlikly to in the future he said its just there and its not doing anything he discovered all my pain is from 2 degenerative discs in my spine so just wanted to thank everyone for all the advice and support you really are a great group of people thanks again

That is great news, Padraig.

Wow, Padraig, that sounds like a reprieve. It's interesting, though -- it's the second time this week I've heard about an AVMer have degenerative dics. I wonder if the AVM stole blood that was needed for the discs to repair themselves?

Is surgery proposed for the discs? Another treatment? No treatment?
And is there a plan for monitoring the AVM to make sure it keeps on not doing anything? Try to get the specifics on your AVM -- size/number of feeders -- so that if there should ever be a change in the future, you will be able to point it out to the doctor in case he misses it.

Great news Padraig! I am very happy for you.

Great news, Padraig!
Good health & best wishes.