Good news

Almost 2&1/2 yrs ago I had open brain surgery which lasted 14hrs & another 5hrs next day of surgery.This followed 3 weeks of being in a coma, then Grand Mal seizures. After 5 weeks, my family were told that I would survive but the surgeon had no idea how I would “be” after all this trauma. 3 mths in hospital (with no memory of all this time) I was allowed to go home as my daughter would look after me daily as my husband was working. I had to re-learn how to walk, talk, write, read, etc, etc & etc. After 17mths my husband told me to “get out” of our home as he couldn’t cope with the new me; so, I moved out and found a little place with the help of my amazing family. This was very difficult for me as I was still quite early in recovery and my surgeon said that this is about as good as it’s going to get. I had 10mths of rehab with an amazing speech pathologist, then I found this wonderful site once I was able to start using the computer again. When I had to leave my home & my husband, I was devastated as I adored this man. Then after 6 mths alone, I started having partial seizures which through time, started to get worse & worse; I was falling over and looked like a battered woman! We tried two more differend meds with no luck but last week this new Neurologist has given me another change & this seems to be working…yeah!! No seizures for 5 days & I had an MRI last week & blood tests this week. I saw the Neuro today and everything seems pretty good. He was amazed that I have gotten as far as I have as the AVM was 6.5x3.5, he just can’t believe how well I am. For me, I believe it has been my faith in God, my incredible surgeon, my speech pathologist and finding this AVM Survivors Site. Here, I have had great support & help from so many survivors, YOU are my life-line and just wanted to let you all know that Miracles do happen here and that I Never, Ever, give up. I keep on, keeping on and keep working on my recovery. I am so very grateful to everyone and I will be eternally grateful for AVM Survivors Network and the beautiful friends I have met here who always support me! THANK YOU ALL. xxxx

Oh Lesley, I'm so pleased for you. 5 days without a seizure I know must be so liberating to you. I hope this continues. I'm so glad you found a doctor that seems to be able to help you. You are one of the strongest woman I have had the priviledge to call a friend. What you have been through has been horrendous and you still keep fighting and helping and encouraging others to do the same! I'm so inspired by you. Lots of love to you my friend!

Dear Twin...That is wonderful news! I will still pray that you stay seizure-free! Love you Twin!

Isn't that true, Trish.....Lesley is such an inspiration! Thank God we have her!

That is an amazing post Lesley, I love how positive you are after everything you have gone through! You are an inspiration! Hold on to your faith and positivity! I hope the meds keeping working and you can get back to your recovery and discovering the new you because I am sure she is great!!!

Yaaay...good for you! You have been through sooooo much. *hugs*

Thank you all for your lovely messages. Today is, so far, day 6 without a seizure so it looks like the new meds are doing their job! I'm rather tired but I know that is quite normal when increasing the meds every 3rd day.
I am so grateful for your support, truly; I just don't know what I would do with you all! Thank God & Ben, that I don't have to.!!

I loved reading this post. It's no fluke that you have done so well. You my dear are an awesome person and have so much more good in store for you. Glad this site was beneficial and that you never gave up. You GO girl!! Keep on keeping on!!!