Good news to share for other Radiosurgery Patients

Hi, I posted my great news on the Main Discussions page and maybe someone else in this group will benefit by my posting here. Yesterday, I went to my current neurologist's office to review last Thursday's MRI/MRA. The scans were done to look at my 2nd AVM which received radiation last July. Per the new scans, my 2nd AVM is gone and it has only been 9 months since my radiosurgery! The news was so unexpected that I started to cry and realized later that the emotional response shows more healing. I pray everyone in this group receives great news too.

So Happy for you Susan that is great news! I’m so happy for you:)
Hugs and prayers Niyani

Susan we are so happy about your news. There are many of us that need to keep the faith in hopes we are cured.

Thanks so much, Niyani and hugs and prayers to you!

I appreciate the comment, Andy, and I am feeling very happy about the news too!

congratulations!!! Where was your AVM located? I am considering Gamma Knife. Any side effects?

Thanks, Ruth! I read through your profile and both my AVM's were in the cerebellum and the 2nd one that was obliterated was much smaller than yours so yes you have a difficult decision. No, Ruth I did not have any side effects and other than it was a long day especially with the halo, I was thrilled with the outcome. Oh, I had some head pain in the area that was radiated for a few weeks after the procedure but again the outcome was worth it! Good luck, Ruth.


That is wonderful news! Congratulations on your wonderful progress and thank you for sharing and offering such hope to others!

Hi Team M&M, Thanks so much for taking the time to post your comment. Yes, I hope others are helped by my news.

Thank you, Carmen!

Congratulations!! I hope to get such a news soon.. :)

Thank you, Kanz and I wish the best for you!

That is awesome for you! I’m hoping to hear this at my 6 month check up on my third round of gamma lol Congrats what a way to find out unexpectedly whoo hoo

Thank you for the comment, Andrea, and yes, I will pray for good news for you. Really, I was prepared to hear that there was no progress and I should plan on another round of gamma. Hey, Andrea, that halo is not so heavenly is it ... lol. So the unexpected news was wonderful!

That moment you are told that the avm has benn obliterated carries the music of the angels.

Thanks for the comment, KAchaflRE and I like your phrasing of the "music of the angels."

I'm a month late but this is awesome news! I am so happy for you! My husband just had his treatment last April 6th so crossing fingers and keeping faith from here on out that it will get obliterated sooner than later.

Hi Carla and I will keep Charles in my prayers. Actually, I received the great news in March of 2014 but I appreciate you taking the time to post a reply. Yes, please stay positive about the treatment!

Thank you so much for sharing! Just had my radiation last week & have no idea what to expect over the next couple years. Right now, I'm doing great! Had a brain AVM treated with cyberknife, was in a wheelchair for 2 days, graduated to a walker for 2 days & today & i'm walking on my own 2 feet again! I just keep thinking positive & knowing that this treatment will work & eventually I'll be AVM FREE!!

Susan, I am so happy for you.