Good News, I Think

So, I saw my neurologist 5/12. I got a copy of the CTA report and got to see images of my AVM. I never thought 2cm x 3cm x 3.5cm was very big but I guess when it's an AVM in your brain, it is!

Dr. Goswami explained why the risk of bleeding goes down with age (as long as there hasn't been a recent bleed). In MY words (so I may not have this exactly right, but understand the concept), the arteries and veins begin to calcify, which closes them off a little at a time. There are indications of calcification in my AVM so for now we are going to do annual CTA and see what happens. It could shrink and that is what I'm praying for.

My symptoms are mild and very sporadic for now so we see no need for meds yet. He said we'd discuss that again if my seizures increase in number or intensity.

I have been researching and reading alot to educate myself on this thing. I'm reading "A Bomb in the Brain" by Steve Fishman. Steve is a journalist who "bled" from an AVM in 1983 while in Nicaragua. He gives alot of history of neuro radiology and surgery and we are fortunate to be living in these times with the medical technology we have. 40 years or so ago we'd all be ticking time bombs and probably wouldn't even know it (although the not knowing might not be such a bad thing!!!)

I have entrusted myself to God's care and I know there is no where safer to be.

Hi, I have not heard that the risk of a bleed gets less the older you are, I have been told that the older you get the more chance of a bleed because of wear and tear on your veins. That is why I now have 3 aneurysms because of wear and tear. I have had my AVM since birth and now at the age of 47 there is a really high chance of bleed. It is weird how different doctors tell you different things, maybe they just don’t really know.
Stay strong and take care

ha ha I think you are right DM H - not a lot of them do know about AVM’s some neurosurgeons i went to didn’t even diagnose me right first. Although one neurosurgeon did mention to me is that each year you have an avm there is a 4% risk of it bleeding, the risk of the bleed is dependant on where it is and many other characteristics - i think the important thing is to not get carried away with these negative things and start thinking positively- i was told i would be dead before i am 30 (3 more years to go)…but who is counting…i am certainly not going to live up to my doctors expectation - i will surpass by 70 yrs!! i will i will x

Hay Jaszi, that is a fantastic attitude, so positive
Stay strong and take care

Hi Karen, Just came across this blog-you might also want to read (if you haven’t already) My Stroke of Insight (here is her website: I just read it about a month ago and it was very informational and she went step by step what she went through when her AVM bled. I pray your AVM will shrink away! I’m monitoring mine at the moment as well & go in for more testing next year!