Good News for 09'

Well Wendy continues to improve and impress the doctors with her recovery. She can now stand and take baby steps on her own(3 to 4 steps at a time). Also bathroom and baths alone too. She is also eating all regular foods. The staff and doctors will have a conference with us all to see the status and address the discharge date for Wendy. The meeting is schedules for 1/22/09. I cant wait to have Wendy home. I will finally be at ease and comfortable coming home. I can finally see her whenever I want. I can finally JUST BE!

great to hear wendy is doing so well…and when she gets home she will continue…may your new year be filled with happieness joy and good health…all my love to you both xxx

Wendy has sure come a long way . I’m so happy for you.

Awesome. Such wonderful news. This is going to be a great year for you two! No walk in the park, that’s for sure. But I’m definately convinced that Wendy will be making progress daily and have many many small successes!!!

I’m so happy to hear that Wendy is doing so well!


Wendy IS a warrior. That is great news.