Good Neurologist in Atlanta

Hey All!!

I am looking for a neurologist in the Atlanta area (I live in Gwinnett) for follow-p after my surgery. I want someone just to check in with to make sure everything is good and to do possible follow-up MRIs to ensure it doesn't grow back (craniotomy in Dec 2014). My neurosurgeon (Emory doctor) released me in January without a referral. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Perhaps you can call the neuro’s office from Emory and ask for a referral? The doc would know who would best serve your needs. Congrats on your AVM being obliterated, by the way… :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim!

I actually was going to do that as well!!

Take care!

Hi, I was wondering if you found a neuro yet and if you would recommend him/her? I moved to Atlanta from NYC a year and a half ago, so all my doctors are back home and I am looking for a neuro here. Thanks for any info!

I was also treated at Emory. Craniotomy December 2014. They released me after a follow up MRI. At this point, I’m under the care of Dr Milton for my deficits. When I had headaches during rehabilitation they had me just go to my local hospital and send the scan to Emory. Was just some minor dehydration. Seems they are always a call away.

Emory has a very good staff. It’s more of a team of DRs than a DR. They performed my brain stem craniotomy after my original nuero said it was inoperable.

Hey Tina!

I didn't yet (insurance issues). But I am actually just going to call the Emory Clinic where surgery was done and request a f/u appointment. My surgeon was Dr. Cawley and his team (there were about 4 that I remember).

Hey Jeremy!

Do you know if there is an Atlanta group for AVMers to meet? I would love to meet some of my fellow survivors in person!

I don’t know. But I haven’t looked. To be honest I wasn’t in a very good place with things for a long time. I’d be willing to be more social these days. Most of what I know about are opportunities to meet with people just beginning the journey.