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Good Luck, John!


I just want to wish our very own @JD12 the very best of luck with his two-year-checkup angiogram next week. John had a positive two-year MRI in Nov, so hoping it is absolutely obliterated when he has the angiogram this week.

John had gamma knife two years ago after a bleed in May 2016 and has been here, supporting everyone with gamma knife questions ever since. I know I hang around here a lot but I push all the gamma knife stuff his way.

So VERY BEST WISHES John! I’m sending positive vibes and crossing fingers and toes all weekend! You’re a great supporter of your fellows so I’m sending some back your way!



Very much appreciated Richard, Thank You! I am certainly hoping for the best but whatever is to be, will be! I’m up Monday morning and should have the results in a couple weeks or so. Take Care, John.


All the best, prayers are with you…


Well back at home, despite the morning snow storm and 40km drive to the hospital! A friend dropped me off on his way to work and picked up by my wife. All went well, no problems so the waiting for results begins! I do need to say it about the Winnipeg Health Science Centre, those nurses and Drs. who do these are incredible. They obviously get along great, there was an intern Dr who is learning what a work place should be like, kudos to them. It is sure reassuring as laying there and hearing the conversation to know people who love there job are standing over you! I’ll update this thread when I get the results, so fingers crossed. Take Care all, John.



Sounds great! As you say, there is nothing better than seeing a great team working together.

Fingers and toes still crossed! :grin:



Just off the phone with my fantastic nurse from Gamma Knife with my angio results, can’t recite the exact words but my AVM is gone. I will have an appointment to discuss future but probably an MRI in 2 years just to have a peak. I am extremely happy, but also humbled by the impact this had on me personally. This pales in comparison to the impact of the strength, courage and determination of our “family” here. Time to let it sink in a little(and get back to work)! Take Care, John.



Fantastic! I was obviously hoping for the very best and it sounds like the very best. Eat, drink and be merry!

I think you gamma knife folk have some of the toughest because of how flippin’ long it takes. I take my hat off to all of you who get through it with positivity and patience. It is indeed an experience that shapes who you are.

Big hug and WELL DONE from this side of the Pond.

Very best regards,



Wishing you all the luck in the world. Nothing better than to hear there is no AVM. Two years may feel like an eternity, so my hat off to you for your patience. Despite all the hurdles, you have been an inspiration to us all.


Great to hear that John it’s always great to hear this.
Best Wishes,


Congratulations John I’m so happy for you. Thanks for all the support you have given us all. I hope you enjoy the celebrations. Gill


I sure appreciate the comments, thanks so much. Now a little get away this weekend, well sort of, an out of town kids hockey tournament! I’ll pretend I’m in some tropical paradise when sitting at the pool with a great crew of hockey players and parents! I’m thinking I’ll take some of Richard’s advice! Take Care, John.


JD it’s not all been rainbows and butterflies, but it’s encounters like niki that make logging on here and ripping that bandaid off, worth all the while. She had just got word, years ago, that her significant other had a stroke and they had told them he would never walk. But, due to survivors like me there are stories that give hope.


Eat, drink and be merry!
said DickD. And he’s right: this is truly an occasion for celebration.

Now to engage your imagination: sand, palm trees and gentle tropical breezes!

:palm_tree:Congratulations, John :palm_tree::tropical_drink:

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