Going on a 4.5 hour flight!

Hi all, could anyone telll me if they wer ok or not so ok when flying after having thier AVM removed??? thank you so much! i would love to hear your experiences, good or not so good!
Stay strong!! Lynn xx

Hi Lynn. You have verified that your AVM has been obliterated? If so, there should be not problem. I work as a Flight Attendant for a major US Airline. We fly internationally. Also, the planes are pressurized so short of a rapid or explosive decompression even with an active AVM…there should be no problem. Oh and if either of those 2 types of decompressions occur…the AVM will be the least of your problems. Unless you are flying ove the pond (Atlantic Ocean) the pilot can always divert for a medical emergency. I hope this info helps!

Done it, not a problem.

Lynn, type "flying" or "airplane" in the search box at the upper right of this page to read past discussions. Some members have had problems, some not; the type of plane makes a difference, and the status of the AVM.

We flew 3 hrs to/from San Francisco multiple times for embolizations and surgeries. No issues for us.

Ron, KS

HI Barbara,

I'm sure you know about ETOPS (Extended Operations) over water. Especially twin engine jets have to be able to fly on one engine for X amount of time before gaining approval to fly those routes.

Inside the biz, the acronym is known as "Engines Turning OR People Swimming".

A little Friday humor for the group.

Ron, KS

I've flown both with and without an AVM (before I knew I had one, by the way). I flew just last week as a matter of fact. No problems at all.

Hi - I went on a few flights, post-AVM removal.

Despite some issues with balance/chair-grabbing/passenger hair-pulling, the altitude-differentiation was fine; however, everyone's different...you might want to check with a professional.

Hi again - just read some responses - before my bleed/knowing about it, I flew many places, too...no issues.

Ron - I'm glad that I don't have a fear of flying - or swimming for that matter =)

I had a bleed whilst in Florida was given ok to fly back to UK 9 hrs for treatment specialist there said no problem flying would make no difference to it perfectly safe. Mine has since spontaneously thrombosed been told nothing I can’t do and flying is one of them go and enjoy

All the best

My sons flew from Indiana to Arizona for both of his surgeries. He did great both times.

Hi Lynn,

I flew about 3 months after my avm removal and was fine. a 3 hour trip, layover, then an hour. About 8 months after that (so almost a year post surgery) I flew 6 or 7 hours to London. No problems with either flights. I didn't notice any differnce from flying before my surgery.

Take care!

I was on a 11 flight 2 years ago, which seemed fine, then within a few days I lost my memory... don't know if it had anything to do with the flight though

Hi Ron. Our 757s are ETOPS. I used to joke years ago that the airlines would figure out a way to get them over an ocean. Yikes…they did. We use them from Charlotte to Madrid!

I spent several years in the design support area of the 747, 767, 777, and 787. They are awesome airplanes! I got to see the wing destruct test on the 77. They clamped a complete plane (minus interiors) to the floor and a lot of concrete. Then they pulled up on the wing tip structure until it came apart. The tips were like 25 feet UP. Design requirement is 150% of the maximum the plane should ever experience. So when you are on a commercial plane in chop, don't fret the wings coming off............

When it gave way, at about 153%, the wings literally exploded and the building shook. Pretty impressive.