Going in for my follow up angiogram

Well as some of you know, I had my embolisation back last April and it was apparently obliterated.

No headaches or eye aches for a few months after. I was happy

Then a few months back my headaches and eye aches came back and im on paracetamol all day every day again and other symptoms

They did scans every month… plus wanted a cerebral angiogram 6 months in and then every 2 years for rest of my life which most of you know I thought was excessive

Well after putting the 6 month one off, I’ve got to 9 months and the pain is too much to ignore so I’m going in next week for my angiogram

To be completely honest I’m hoping they say it’s still obliterated and your headaches and eye aches are something else you will just have to put up with but you’re in no danger… just discomfort

I’d rather them say you don’t need further surgery…it’s all good. Your aches are something else rather than needing more surgery

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Sorry to hear,

Aches & pains are definitely an apparent burden related to a lot of “this”

Where are you getting them? Are you feeling pressures? Any vision changes?

Any meds help?

Thanks brother

No vision changes that i can tell. Just throbbing headaches almost 24/7 like pre surgery and pressure behind eyes like they want to pop like pre surgery and left eye was super blood shot and painful the other night but it was ok next day

Shit -

Go in

I wish you luck man, nothing but

I don’t think there’s anything else I can add positive. Really sorry to hear


Wishing you the best!

When I came to the two or three month mark post op, I didn’t feel “fixed” and I went in for my checkup hoping that the docs found just a little something that needed doing – something simple. I get that you kinda don’t mind not finding anything but for me, I just wanted something easy to fix.

I hope you have a good day.

Very best wishes,



All the best to you next week. Hopefully some of the questions will be answered. I strangely looked forward to the angio(s) for that reason. Take Care, John.


Wishing you the best.


Thanks people. Appreciated :slight_smile:

I can see reasons for wanting to find answers also reasons for hoping for no more surgery

Just hope it goes as best as it can. :slight_smile:


@JD12 when you say you looked forward to them for this exact reason. What do you mean exactly?

I’m curious as maybe I need a different mindset for tomorrow instead of dreading it… :slight_smile:

The reason being to get the answers, I hate not knowing! All the angios i had answered many questions. John.