Going back to point A :( :(What causes this?

I am so emotional at this point because after my fathers AVM surgery back in 8/2012 he was doing great. He was even taking a plenty of steps on his own but all of a sudden on Sunday he felt weak and stated he cannot feel his whole right side again!The look in his eyes is heartbreaking :( because he has worked so hard for his recovery and for him to be back to point A . has anyone ever experienced this. Can he be having a stroke or bleeding again :(

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's setback, Erica. Contact his doctor.

I couldn't possibly know the cause, but there is a type of seizure that can result in temporary paralysis on one side called Todd's paresis, which subsides after about 48 hours. I will hope your dad's symptoms are temporary and that his recovery continues. Best wishes!

Hi Erica,
After all his progress, I'm sorry your dad has gotten worse.
Definitely let his neuro & rehab drs. know of the changes.
Sending best wishes & hoping for his improvement.

How is your dad today, Erica?

He had another bleed in a different area:( they ordered an agiogram.I just wish all this can stop happening to him :frowning:

Stay strong, Erica -- we are sending prayers and good wishes to help your dad get through Round 2 with the AVM. Keep us posted.

So sorry. I am praying for you and your daddy.