Going back into the hospital

Okay guys I talked to my surgeon yesterday. He was not happy that I had another seizure, so I am going into the hospital for another procedure. Im not a good speller but its something with an A. They will go through my groan again and look at my brain to make sure the healing process is where it should be. If not and he sees something I will stay in the hospital and do something else. Honestly its scary I thought I beat this. The day I am going into the hospital I'll be at six months of recovery. I should be celebrating that I am getting better but I don't know. I am really scared, my mom is freaking out. Whats crazy is I am having my procedure done a day before my moms birthday. I hope for the best but you never know wish me luck.

I assume it's an arteriogram, Veronica. I hope it comes out clear for you. Best wishes!

Sending positive healing thoughts your way!

I will have you in my prayers and just remember God has plans for us all and you are here he has plans for you so be strong and let him guide you, you will always succeed with him by your side.